Old South Venison
 Rackettown Wildlife Club
at Aaron's Store
5 Miles North of Lyons on US Hwy 1
Take Exit 90 off I-16 & go 8 miles South on US Hwy 1
Phone: 912-526-0014

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Open: Primitive Weapons Season thru Gun Season
Hours: Most days 8 AM until 8 PM
Except-Thanksgiving Day & Christmas Holidays (19-26 December) 
& New Year’s Day until 1 PM
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Specialties ARE our SPECIALTY !!!!

Best Deer Sausage in Georgia Fresh or Smoked!
Zesty Italian Sausage & Spicy Cajun Sausage!
Seasoned and Formed Steakettes ready to cook
Mouthwatering Meatloaf seasoned, formed and ready to cook
Delicious Deer Summer Sausage, Bologna & Salami
Tasty Snack Sticks and Jerky Sticks for a take along snack
Vacuum Tumbled and marinated steaks and roasts.
Georgia Deer Dawgs….so Good they make your tongue want to slap your eyeballs out!!!!

Old South Venison Seasoning

The Rackettown Wildlife Club is a membership only, full service deer processing facility that has been in business since 1985.  Membership is free but applicants must be at least 18 years old and possess a valid Georgia hunting license to join and use the facility. http://www.georgiawildlife.com/hunting/regulations 

We take whole deer or deer parts.  If you skin your own deer, we ask that you keep the deer chilled or iced down for no longer than three days before bringing it to us.  Be sure to keep the meat cold, clean and if using ice, drain and refresh ice as needed.  We reserve the right to refuse any deer that may present a contamination risk to our facility.  We do not do wild hogs.  We do not take road kill deer.  We offer custom specialty products as well as common cuts at a competitive price.  We make every effort to set a reasonable price for our services and stick with it for the season.  However, times being what they are, prices may change based on market supplies and prices.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, personal checks and of course, our favorite, cash.  There will be a $30 penalty fee for returned checks.

All processed orders must be paid for and picked up within 7 days of notification.  It is the member’s responsibility to insure that we have an accurate, up to date contact number to call.  Any orders not picked up within 7 days of initial notification, will be subject to a $3/day storage fee.  Any orders not picked up after 14 days will be sold for the processing fee.  We simply do not have freezer space to hold your deer for longer than that. 

First Place

Second Place

Third Place

Each year the Rackettown Wildlife Club provides members with the opportunity to win a number of nice prizes.  The winners of last year’s prizes are:  Bert Rogers, 1st Place; Rick Griffee, 2d place; Allen Dowd, 3d place.


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